May 26, 2021

#12: Building Communities with Jon Carman and Ryan Clifford

The world needs us to create and foster meaningful communities. As individuals we crave to be part of a community as we are social creatures. We want to be part of community that shares the same values, interests and missions. Having a greater sense of community and purpose has shown to increase longevity as demonstrated in the 'Blue Zones'. If there isn't a community to join, build one!

In this episode, Jon and Ryan talk about how they created the Tech Allies Network and reflect on how current world events encouraged them to adapt and create a digital community that has enabled them to scale globally. The Tech Allies Network committee consists of a group of industry professionals who are focused on providing cross industry knowledge and development surrounding technology, to professionals. They also work on inspiring the next generation into technology through their work with schools and universities.

Some of the initiatives run by the Tech Allies Network include:

  • Summer Institute
  • Cross Industry Academy
  • Finding True North
  • School Outreach
  • University Masterclasses

Connect with the Tech Allies Network:

Instagram | @techalliesntw

LinkedIn |

Website |

Connect with First Serve:

Instagram | @firstservepodcast

Connect with Sina:

Instagram | @sinahaghighat

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