March 9, 2021

#9: The Best of First Serve - Season 1

We have come to the end of Season 1 of First Serve with Sina Haghighat! In this episode, we are bringing you the key insights from each episode:

  • #1: Listen Like a Hostage Negotiator with Richard Mullender
  • #2: COVID-19 - Serving on The Frontline with Dr Hamid Hashemi
  • #4: Transforming How We Move with Luke Rust
  • #6: Serving Others Through Contagious Positivity with Jessica Dowdall
  • #8: We Are All Leaders with Sina Haghighat

Season 1 has taught us about the importance of listening, community, our environment, spreading positive energy and leadership. These are skills that enable us to serve others to the best of our abilities and to build stronger relationships.

Season 2 will be filled with more interesting conversations and guests!

Connect with First Serve:

Instagram | @firstservepodcast

Connect with Sina:

Instagram | @sinahaghighat

Show Notes:

The importance of listening [01:03] Listen to understand [02:08] Everyone is unique [03:56] What makes a good negotiator? [05:46] How to become a better listener [07:37] Reactive vs proactive [09:33] Solitude vs loneliness [12:36] Mental health impact of COVID-19 [14:00] Expressing gratitude [17:51] Autonomous vehicles [23:01] Current global climate [26:10] Tesla driving experience [30:50] Goal setting [39:50] Resistant to change [41:06] How to delegate [51:20] How to use your superpowers [54:07] How to build a high performing team [57:37]

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